Why you want to create videos with a focused message.

January 3rd, 2018 Posted by Uncategorized 0 thoughts on “Why you want to create videos with a focused message.”

Too many people try to fit too much into a short video and it becomes ineffective or meaningless.

Did you gain your customers trust? Did they click on that button? Did they tell their friends? Did they check out your website? Did they check out your new line of products/services? Did they subscribe to your newsletter? Did they… etc.

If there are too many things going on, too much irrelevant information a person will not be engaged and possibly not do what you want them to.

Ask yourself.

What are you trying to accomplish when you create this video?

This should be your beacon, your focus. Every moment of your video should be directed towards reaching that point. We want a person to not just be interested, but to remain focused on what we are trying to communicate. It’s not so much about breadth many times as it is about depth.

Video is a great way to engage the senses, build relationships, and teach customers who you are and how you can provide them value. Especially when you remain focused.

Stay focused my friends.

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